Our workshop is located in Ivano-Frankivsk. For individual customers we advise to come personally for fitting. Most clothes can be made remotely. In such cases details are discussed individually on the Internet or over the telephone.

To place an order you must fill in our application form on the site ‘PLACE AN ORDER’.

Please note that not every article can be repeaded due to lack of materials. For this reason every article contains a mark indicating the possibility to make a copy.

The price may vary (depending on a customer’s size) up to 30%.

Responding to your request, we will offer you:

  1. To take your measures under the scheme; it is preferred to indicate your height, the size you wear and and if it is possible, to attach your photo in form-fitting clothes.
  2. To make a downpayment onto a bank card. Usually the downpayment equals 30-40% of the order value.
  3. To indicate your surname, given name, city of residence, contact telephone number.

Our manager indicates the term of fulfilment of the order depending on the complexity of the ordered clothes and present number of orders of the workshop. An extra charge for priority equals 30% of the article value. When there are significant changes in the design, decoration, fabric of the original article, the extra charge equals from 20 to 30% of the article value.

To facilitate our cooperation with a customer we showed how to take somebody’s measures correctly. One should do that in form-fitting clothes and being relaxed. It is very important that someone helped to take measures, because it is very difficult and not convenient to do that by yourself. One should stand still, symetrically, not suck in their stomach and buttocks. The accuracy of sewing a dress remotely depends on the accuracy of taking measures. It is preferred to attach your photo in form-fitting clothes for better sewing – in such a way the peculiarities of your figure are clearly visible. To sew an average dress from the designer Liubtsia Chernikova the following measures must be taken:

1.Breasts circumference. A measuring tape must lie horizontally on the most protruding points of the breasts.


2. Breasts circumference 2. A measuring tape must lie horizontally under the breasts.


3. Waist circumference. The narrowest place of the body, a measuring tape must lie horizontally.


4.Hips circumference. The widest place on the buttocks. A measuring tape must lie exactly horizontally.


5.Breasts hight. From the base point of the neck to the most protruding point of the breasts. A measuring tape must lie exactly vertically.


6.Brests hight 2. From the base point of the neck to sideways to the bottom of the breasts.


7.Breasts centre. Between the protruding points of the breasts.


8. Length of the front to the waist. From the base point of the neck sideways to the narrowest place. The easiest way is to tie a tape or thread on the waist and measure the way it is depicted in the photo for a measuring tape to copy the body contours.


9. Length of the back to the waist. From the seventh neck vertebrae to the waist. It is preferred to measure similarly to the tape or thread tied on the waist.


10. Width of the front. From an armpit to an armpit, if the breasts size is large, then from one armpit cavity to the other.


12. Width of the back. The same as width of the front, from an armpit to an armpit.


Note: the photo above shows how to measure width of the back correctly. We also add the photo how to take the measure ‘width of the shoulders’, but do not confuse it with ‘width of the back’.



12. Length of the shoulder. From the base point of the neck to the end of the shoulder.


13. Length of the sleeve. From the end of the shoulder to the place where the sleeve ends. But it is better to do that more accurately than in the photo.


If the sleeve is loose, then it is necessary to measure a bit longer from the wrist where the sleeve ends.


If it is a reglan sleeve, then the length is measured from the beginning of the neck to the point where the sleeve ends.


14. Arm circumference.


15. Wrist circumference.


16. Length of a dress/coat/kersetka. From the seventh neck vertebrae to the point where the article ends.

Довжина сукні/пальто/керсетки. Від сьомого шийного хребця до довжини.